Campus Partnership

VCREDIT Financial Modeling Competition

The first financial modeling competition of "VCREDIT Cup" was jointly held by Vcredit and School of statistics and management of Shanghai University of Finance and economics, aiming to provide an opportunity for many fans of digital models in Shanghai University of Finance and economics to exchange and exercise, and strengthen the team cooperation ability of students. At the same time, as a leader in the intelligent credit industry, the organizer, Vcredit, takes this competition to let students understand the application of data modeling in Fintech field, and prepare rich prizes and corresponding work (Internship) opportunities for outstanding students. This modeling competition invited Mr. Wu Chunjie, vice president of the school of statistics and management of the University of finance, Mr. Luo Sheng, chief risk control officer of Vcredit, Ms. Liu Dan, vice president of the group, and Mr. Xiong Yucheng, head of risk analysis department.


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