Campus Partnership
VCREDIT Financial Modeling Competition


The first financial modeling competition of "VCREDIT Cup" was jointly held by Vcredit and School of statistics and management of Shanghai University of Finance and economics, aiming to provide an opportunity for many fans of digital models in Shanghai University of Finance and economics to exchange and exercise, and strengthen the team cooperation ability of students.

Short-term Research Projects


VCredit corporates with colleges by providing real case study as short-term research projects lasting from two to four weeks. Our goal is to walk students through the career environment and process, provide general ideas about financial industry. The short-term research projects want students utilize their professional knowledge to primarily analyze cases.

Long-term Research Projects


VCredit corporates with colleges by providing real case study as long-term research projects lasting from 8 to 14 weeks. Students conduct 6 weeks of preliminary research and analysis, gather primary data on site for one week, and continue with 7 weeks of further data collection and analysis. At the end of engagement, the team provides an oral presentation and submits a written report detailing their recommendations along with the data and analysis to support them. The company would provide feedback in return.

Mentor Program


The direct individual connections between senior supervisors and students will be created. This program offers professional advice on career path guidance and planning with experience from industry by senior administrators. Individual tutorship is anticipated in this program, which focuses on various background of students and concludes with practical proposals. The professional capacity of the student, as a result, will be more competitive in the industry.

Organization Sponsorship & College Financial Aids


VCredit actively sponsors and participates in student organizations in colleges, with strengthened market propaganda, students learn more about company culture with deep-seated and close communication. Facilities are provided for talented students who have problems on learning professional knowledge in major. Thus, students and VCredit attract talent from both sides. Designing industry-related discussion topics helps locating specialized talents.

Employment Probation Base


We positively participate in Government programs on supporting employment. By signing contracts with local Employment Promotion Centers, we create probation job positions with training plans, and design various career probation plans. The available positions are not arrowed among students from probation base, but also provide customer service positions opening to other unemployed workers.

“Internet +”Inter-disciplinary Talent Experimental Training Class


To adapt domestic strategy and “Internet +”era demand, cultivating inter-disciplinary talents, VCredit actively participates in “Internet +”Inter-disciplinary Talent Cultivate Plan, by implementing “Internet + Education” model, along with college advantages and talent cultivating situation, and creates “Talent Hatch Ecosphere”.

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