Vcredit: That should be really exciting!



In our new analysis, we take a closer look at Vcredit, a consumer finance company. The Vcredit share was quoted at 16,72 HKD on 27/07/2018, the home exchange of the company is Hong Kong.

In a complex analysis process, analysts of our company Vcredit estimated on the basis of a total of 4 evaluation criteria. All of the individual criteria lead to a classification as "buy", "hold" or "sell". This results in a general classification of the share in the final overall analysis.

1. Sentiment and Buzz: The Internet can amplify or even turn moods. Depending on the intensity of discussion, that is, the number of contributions in the social media and the frequency and depth of the change in sentiment, new assessments of equities emerge. At Vcredit, we have measured medium activity in terms of discussion intensity over the long term and rank the signal "hold" on that signal. The rate of change in mood experienced little change during this period. We therefore come to the overall result "hold" for the long-term sentiment.

2. Technical Analysis: Vcredit's average moving average now stands at HK $ 17.84. The stock itself has reached a price of 16.72 HKD. The distance to the GD200 is therefore -6.28 percent and leads to the rating "Sell". By contrast, the GD50 currently stands at 9.27 HKD for the past 50 days. Thus, the stock with a +80.37 percent distance from this perspective, a "buy". This gives us the overall grade "Hold".

3. Investors: The basis of investor sentiment is discussions and interactions of market participants in social media around the stock market. Vcredit has been discussed particularly positively over the past two weeks. On three days, the sentiment barometer turned green, negative discussions could not be recorded. For the most part, investors were neutral on one day. Currently, during the past one or two days, it is also above all positive topics that investors are interested in. Because of this sentiment, the stock today gets a "buy" estimate. This gives Vcredit a Buy rating based on the Investor sentiment barometer as a whole.

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